Get to know the new MRSOOL Park

Get to know the new MRSOOL Park

A journey into the ultimate sports and entertainment destination

Saudi Media Company (SMC) to design a brand-new experience for MRSOOL Park focusing on the fans, the venue, and a sustainable profitable business model.
SMC has embarked on a full transformational journey of King Saud University Stadium FC which has been renamed MRSOOL Park. The venue, which is the New Home of AlNassr FC, is set to become the ultimate entertainment, sports, and football destination in the region, born to deliver everlasting memorable experiences, rooted in the spirit & heart of Riyadh, and destined to become a reference.

SMC has already commissioned a world renowned team of leading industry experts to join its ambitious  plans to convert King Saud University Stadium into a fully integrated digital ecosystem that will ensure a  memorable, seamless and safe experience along the most spectacular atmosphere and state of the art  designed facilities.

For the overhauling of the premises and to convert it into a 365-day sports and entertainment unique destination, SMC approached Molcaworld one of the global leaders in branding and restyling with over 20 years of market experience working in transforming sports venues and facilities of some of the world’s  top stadiums.

Molcaworld will transform the venue to a young and family friendly destination with entertainment and fan zone areas for everyone to enjoy. They will convert the spaces into multi-event capabilities overhauling the entire venue from the VIP areas, player changing rooms, tunnel, hospitality boxes, and  the seats and stands. They will inject the Park with modern designs surrounded by dynamic lighting, jumbo  screens, and digital signage.

SMC’s partnership with world renown Globant ensures that fans get the best digital experience ever and on par with the best in class stadiums and entertainment parks in the world. The award-winning software development company will develop the full digital ecosystem from a seamless ticketing platform available on web and App to ensuring smooth transactions for tickets purchases and personalized experiences.  Their role will be to help SMC transform the fan experience into a truly mobile-first easy, fast and flexible,  online and in-stadium experience and to expand attendance by covering the best of a personalized experience.

Stadium Stats

Entire Capacity: 23,252

Total VIP Seats: 1,156

Terrace Capacity: 35 pax

Silver seats (1st floor right and left): 704

Gold seats (1sr floor middle): 452

Sports seats (2nd floor): 547

Membership seats (3rd floor): 88

Total GA seats:

Disabled seats:15 to 20

Press seats: 120 

VIP Boxes: 40

A profitable sustainable business model is needed to ensure the success of this venture which is why SMC  opted to partner with Simon Kucher & Partners (SKP). SKP have extensive experience in the sports and  leisure sectors, revenue management, and have a hands-on, results driven approach. SKP will support  SMC in optimizing its growth strategies, marketing, pricing, and sales. Based on the commercial model  being developed, SMC will be able to develop the necessary internal capabilities and external partnerships  needed to ensure the Park’s future success.  

The project is steered by Javier Martinez who has more than 20 years of experience in sports and entertainment, and who has worked in senior executive positions for leading companies such as The Walt  Disney Company, Atlético de Madrid Manchester City FC, and Global Sports Innovation Center by  Microsoft.

More partners will be announced as and when they happen.

The Entrance for MRSOOL Park

MRSOOL Park Lounge area with LED lighting

Visit the Stadium

Opening Hours:

10:00 am - 6:00 pm - temporary closed


Abdullah Al Ash Shaikh King Saud University, Riyadh 12372 Saudi Arabia.